Ep 23: Descriptive Linguistic Fieldwork with Willem de Reuse

Today’s episode is with Willem de Reuse. Willem specializes in the description of Native American languages, particularly Siouan and Athabaskan languages. He wrote his PhD dissertation on the Siberian Yupik language. He has published on morphological theory, language contact, and historical phonology and philology. He has taught at the University of Chicago, the University of Iowa, Ball State University, and the University of Arizona. His current position is at The Language Conservancy, and he also is affiliated with The University of North Texas. He is the Review Editor of the International Journal of American Linguistics, and he has written the Handbook Of Descriptive Linguistic Fieldwork (2011) with Shobhana Chelliah. He is currently conducting fieldwork in Arizona working with speakers of Apache. 

Willem working with Apache consultants in Camp Verde, AZ, Feb- March 2010.
Willem working with Han Athabaskan consultants in  Fairbanks, Alaska, Sept. 2012.

Things mentioned in this episode:

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