Field Notes is a podcast about linguistic fieldwork hosted and produced by Martha Tsutsui Billins. Laura Tsutsui provides production help, and Luca Dinu creates the podcast transcripts. Field Notes aims to share the stories of linguists doing fieldwork to document, describe, and understand how languages (particularly under-described and under-documented languages) work!

This podcast’s motivation came out of my (Martha’s) first time in the field, in Amami Oshima. As a PhD student, I was looking for unedited stories from linguists who had undergone successful fieldwork, beyond the usual textbooks and manuals. How had other fieldworkers dealt with the unexpected challenges that come with fieldwork? What had they done when they’d forgotten the batteries? When their equipment backpack had fallen into the ocean? And what could I and other early-career linguists learn from these experiences? I thought others might also be interested and feel the same way, so I started this podcast as a way to share stories and lessons from seasoned researchers, while also learning more about fieldwork and to increase my own knowledge. 

Elicitation session with Tokunaga-Sensei in Koniya, Amami Oshima (2018)

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