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Episode 1: Welcome to Field Notes!

Episode 2: Vera Ferreira on Linguistic Fieldwork in Europe

Episode 3: Lyle Campbell on Language Documentation in the Americas

Episode 4: Hugo Cardoso on Researching Creoles in Sri Lanka & India

Episode 5: Khairunnisa on Insider Researcher Language Documentation on Sasak

Episode 6: Madoka Hammine on Insider Research in the Ryukyus

Episode 7: Community Collaboration for Language Documentation in the Tanzanian Rift Valley with Andrew Harvey

Episode 8: Lauren Gawne on Funding Fieldwork

Episode 9: Fieldwork Q&A with Vera Ferreira & Hugo Cardoso (Part 1)

Episode 10: Fieldwork Q&A with Vera Ferreira & Hugo Cardoso (Part 2)

Episode 11: Alex Garcia on Monolingual Fieldwork in The Philippines

Episode 12: Miroslav Valeš on Fieldwork in the Americas & Spain

Episode 13: Jeff Good on Facilitating Language Documentation in Cameroon

Episode 14: Fieldwork in the Time of COVID-19 with Guillem Belmar

Episode 15: Rethinking the ‘field’ in Fieldwork with Hannah Gibson

Episode 16: Remote Fieldwork with Richard T. Griscom- COMING SOON

Episode 17: Mary Walworth on Fieldwork with a Baby- COMING SOON

Episode 18: Documenting Linguistic Avoidance in Datooga with Alice Mitchell- COMING SOON

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