Episode 33: Azeb Amha on Afroasiatic language documentation & description

This month’s episode is with Dr. Azeb Amha from the University of Leiden. Azeb is a linguist with interest in the morphology and syntax of Afroasiatic languages, linguistic typology and in the interdisciplinary fields of anthropological linguistics and sociolinguistics. She has worked extensively on the documentation of  languages in Ethiopia, inclunding  Oyda, Wolaitta and Zargulla. She is an ELDP grant recipient, and a depositor with Dobes and the Endangered Languages Archive

Zargulla Documentation team 2017 at K’ak’e. From left to right: Aboye Alade, Birtukan Abebe, Birtukan Bunkula, Shibiru Shiteno, Wudnesh Petros, Teshome Gezahegn, Asmelash Michael, and Azeb Amha (standing at the back).

Things mentioned in this episode:

Zargulla Documentation team 2019 at Genbo. From left to right: Teshome Gezahegn, Michael Mina, Amarech Bunkula, Asmelash Michael and Amare Abebe

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