Episode 36: Quechua Language Documentation & Revitalization with Gladys Camacho Ríos

Today’s episode is the final episode of Season Three! This season focused exclusively on linguists working on their own native and/or heritage languages. Thank you to all listeners and patrons for making this third season so successful. In this episode, Gladys Camacho Ríos discusses her work on her native language, South Bolivian Quechua. Gladys works with elderly monolingual Quechua speakers in rural Bolivia. She is a PhD candidate in Linguistics at the University of Texas at Austin. She previously earned two MA degrees; one in Latin American Studies from New York University in 2016 and a MA in Linguistics from the University of Texas at Austin in 2019.

Gladys Camacho Rios in a daily conversation with the oldest monolingual speaker of South Bolivian Quechua variety in Uma Piwra rural town. The spontaneous conversation takes places during fieldwork in Uma Piwra, Cochabamba, Bolivia. The topic of the conversation is about crops located by the river. (Uma Piwra, September 2020)

Things mentioned in this episode:

Training new native speakers of South Bolivian Quechua (SBQ) on the use of equipment to carry out video documentation in their towns of origin. As part of my documentation project, my goal is to train younger SBQ speakers to document and describe the dialectology of monolingual forms. The SBQ speakers involved in this training are committed to documenting the speech of monolinguals in their towns of origin. To date 8 speakers have received training in the use of equipment, how to record metadata, how to back up data, how to use ELAN to transcribe their data. One of them is currently pursuing the first year of the PhD in Linguistics at the University of Texas at Austin. (Cochabamba, December 2020)

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