Welcome to Field Notes!

Welcome to Field Notes! This podcast aims to share the stories of linguists doing fieldwork to document, describe, and understand how languages (especially endangered/minority languages) work! In Season One, we will be interviewing several field linguists about their research and how they would advise new fieldworkers and students thinking about getting into field linguistics. You can listen to Field Notes on the Apple Podcasts app (iPhone), Google Play Music (Android), Google Podcasts app (Android), StitcherSpotifyPodbean, and several other podcasting apps via RSS (if you already listen to podcasts on an app- it’s probably there). If you like the show, please leave an Apple review! This helps the podcast come up in searches. 

Mr. and Mrs. Okano playing Asabanabushi shimauta (“island song”) in Kunetsu, Setouchi (Amami Oshima) in March 2018. 

This podcast’s motivation came out of my first time in the field, in Amami Oshima. As a PhD student, I was looking for unedited stories from linguists who had undergone successful fieldwork, beyond the usual textbooks and manuals. I thought other new fieldworkers might be interested and feel the same way, so I started this podcast as a way to share stories and lessons from seasoned researchers, while also learning more about fieldwork and to increase my own knowledge. 

Learning from Inori-san, a speaker of Southern Amami Oshima on Kakeroma Island (Setouchi, Amami Oshima) in April 2019. 

If you would like to join the conversation, please email us at fieldnotespod@gmail.com! We may share your email on a future episode! If you have a question about fieldwork, please ask on social media (Instagram and Twitter @lingfieldnotes) or by emailing fieldnotespod@gmail.com. Thank you for listening!

Listen here, or on your favorite podcast app! Field Notes is available on Apple Podcasts app (iPhone), Google Play Music (Android), Google Podcasts app (Android), StitcherSpotifyPodbeanPodcast RepublicCastboxPlayer FM, and several other apps via RSS.

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